Bale Opener

Bale breakers, types AB and ABR for the opening of bales and other compressed agglomerates of textile fibers, is produced in working-width from 1000 to 4000 mm, and it is composed by: an horizontal feed table in two sections which enable an initial breaking of the layers; a vertical spiked lattice conveyor; an ope­ning-batching cylinder with adjustable pitch and a stripper.

This kind of machine can be used in various sectors of the textile industry, from the opening of greasy wool bales to blend preparation departments, from the feeding of carding-machines to the preliminary phase of staple fiber dyeing or the opening of dyeing cakes for conveyance to dryers.

The supporting structures of these machines consists of heavy steel ribbed panels. This characteri­stic enables the construction of various models, according to the individual requirements of the fiber material to be processed.

Length and inclination of the spiked belt, types of pins and laths, diameters and adjustments of ope­ning and stripping rollers are all variables which are taken into consideration and selected according to the fibers to be processed.

The spiked lattice conveyors can vary from the type which characterize our exclusive technology for bin emptiers with laths in flexible vulcanized PVC on the surface of the belt which are very strong and easy to clean to the more classical types with laths on the reverse in multi-layered wood.

The bale breakers can be used either individually or in a line of different machines to discharge the fiber material onto a single conveyor and to dose the exact percentages of the different components for the preparation of blends.

The first section of the horizontal lattice, can be so large as to create an important storage for bales to be opened.


Additional length for first horizontal belt.

Bale feeding with mechanical tipping.

Pneumatic device for pre opened dyed cakes.

Output weighing device with mechanical balance.

Electronic weighing device with aluminium balance.

Electronic continuous weighing device on conveyor belt out let.

Transversal conveyor belt for the out let.