Step Cleaner

STEP CLEANER for opening, be­ating, cleaning and de-dusting of scoured wool fibers (or cot­ton).

It comprises a group of 3 main beating drums with welded ste­el pins with an external diameter of 800 mm rotating at 300 rpm featuring an independently dri­ven screw conveyor in the bot­tom which is provided to remo­ve all dust and vegetable matter which has been separated from the fibers.

The screens provided in the ba­sic execution are in perforated steel plate.

All of the upper covers can be opened to allow easy access for cleaning.

Clean fiber is taken from the ma­chine by pneumatic transport. Safety switches are provided which allow the safe running of the machine in production or when cleaning.

As optional the machine can have adjustable scre­en made from triangular steel profiles and sprocket which adjusts the gap for the dust removal.

Automatic cleaning of screen with compressed air nozzles.