Vertical miller model SAF

The automatic bins type SAF are ideally suited to achieve homogeneous fibre blending, at average and high production, through the perfect cutting of the material fed into the bins in horizontal layers. Various models are available depending on the type of fibers to be processed:

SAF 75 for short fibers (cotton cut).

SAF 100 for long fibers (wool cut).

SAF 100/R and 100/G for fabric clippings, fibers to be regenerated and greasy wool.

Constructed in working-widths which range from 2500 to 4000 mm, the automatic bins SAF can have a capacity of over 300 cubic meters useful material.

Main features of bins type SAF is the existence of a bottom apron covering the entire surface of the bin to support and move ahead all the fibrous mass. The front bin emptier SAF doesn’t move when working and takes vertical portions of the whole face of the fibers which are conveyed forward by the bottom apron;

All models are also available with a traversing emptier which means that it is able to move laterally in order to empty two or more bins located side by side.

The Bin Emptiers SAM and SAF have been realized with simple technical features, basing on ad­vanced technology (automatic speed variation – detectors of work intensity with devices for inter­vention) which guarantee constant and high production, long life, low operative requirements, easy maintenance and cleaning.