Oiling Plants

The continuous oiling system with rotary vessel in stainless steel model IB 2500, equipped with sprayer Idromix 350 for the preparation and addition of oil or other fiber additives for different applications: the conventional blending and oiling bin, with pneumatic feeding via cyclone; for oiling application onto conveyor belts or rotary drum condenser above the bins; the most sophisticated electronic application with continuous control of the weight of fibers at the inlet which ensure homogenous distribution in the vessel IDROMIX PROCESS.

The rotational speed of the vessel, the percentage of lubricant applied and the degree of suction are all adjustable which makes this equipment suitable for all applications and production levels.

New studies and experiments carried out in view of the various problems connected with the application of oil and other additives have led to the realization of the new spraying system for direct application to the fibres being fed into the blending bins via conveyor belts.

The blend is sprayed and fed into the bin where it has time to absorb the lubricant before being in contact with pipes or with any other parts of the plant.